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The Farm

“Life has a lot to offer and we passionately grab it with both hands”.  Pursuing these passions sets you on the path of unlocking who you are and to feed your creativity from nature itself. Stilbaai, its people, the farm life and land have given the Brummers a gift to share with others. The gift of the olive.

The Brummers

Hannes and Henriette Brummer and their daughters, Theresa and Frances loved their holidays at Stilbaai. What started off as ‘fun in the sun’ and family get-togethers, turned out to be their true passion, olive farming. The soil, fresh air and olives got into their fibres when they bought Oudewerfskloof, which originally was a small farm with a grove of olive trees begging to be rescued. The olive bug bit them and they have spent the last 10 years establishing themselves in the market through passion and hard work.

The farm is home away from home (Port Elizabeth) where they work in the Medical Profession.