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SA Olive Awards

To ensure that consumers choose the best quality locally sourced olive oil, SA Olive has introduced a seal that appears on olive oils of participating members. Oudewerfskloof olive oils take part in this Commitment to Compliance Scheme (CTC).

This means that our oil is 100% South African.

The freshness of the oil is indicated by the year of the harvest that is prominently displayed. We are committed to International quality standards also set out in the SA Olive Codes of Practice. We confirm that our oil is an Extra Virgin olive oil and that our labelling is transparent and honest.

We have won the following SA Olive Awards:

  • 2022 – Favolosa - Gold Medal
  • 2022 – Picual - Gold Medal
  • 2022 – Oudewerfskloof - Silver Medal
  • 2022 – Olifantbos - Silver Medal
  • 2022 – ABSA Top 10 award for our single OWK Picual variant
  • 2020 – Faviosa - Gold Medal
  • 2020 – Olifantsbos - Gold Medal
  • 2020 – Oudewerfskloof - Silver Medal
  • 2019 – Silver Medal
  • 2018 – Silver Medal
  • 2017 – Bronze Medal
  • 2016 – Silver Medal
  • 2015 – Bronze Medal
  • 2014 – Bronze Medal
  • 2013 – Gold Medal
  • 2012 – Silver Medal

South African olives are renowned for their remarkable quality and taste, and Oudewerfskoof olives are no exception. The distinctive organoleptic characteristics which makes our extra virgin olive oil so unique, is a result of the care that went into growing, harvesting, and extracting the oil, the storing conditions, age of the oil, the maturity of the olives at harvest time, the variety of olives and the ideal location of our orchard.

Oudewerfskloof Olive Farm is perfectly located on the banks of the Goukou River estuary where the soil is particularly fertile and coastal climate, with its warm days, cool nights and low humidity ideally suited to producing award-winning olives.

Oudewerfskloof Farm's Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olive Products